Meet Sculptor Robert Olszewski

Robert OlszewskiRobert Olsski (center, between Butch and Marlene) was born in Natrona Hts PA, Pennsylvania and now resides in Camarillo, California. His interest in art began when he was a high school student. He attended Indiana University in PA studying to become a teacher. Knowing if he were to pursue a career in art he needed to move to a larger city he and his new wife moved to CA where he taught school and painted in his spare time. His art during this period was exhibited in art exhibits and galleries. When a painting was stolen and he painted a miniature of it for the police investigation, he realized that the small painting was as good as the full size and determined that the value of a piece of art was not in its size. This was his very first miniature.

Robert OlszewskiA neighboring dentist was talking and explaining how he carved teeth from wax and cast them, thus Bob was introduced to lost wax casting. He was intrigued by this and ultimately used this knowledge to try and carve miniature figurines for his daughter's dollhouse. He eventually turned to this fulltime and was doing dollhouse shows and mail order when Goebel contacted him due to patent infringement as he was doing replicas of Hummel figurines. This conflict was resolved with Bob going to work for Goebel and opening Goebel Miniatures. After many years with Goebel Bob decided to once again work under his own studio name and again his work was produced under Olszewski Studios. Currently Olszewski Studios is not producing miniature figurines. Bob is doing design for several major companies including Disney. Olszewski Studios is also producing a line of miniature boxes called Pokitpals released in 2007. All of the figurines he produced under the original Olszewski Studios, pieces known as pre-Goebels, the figurines under Goebel Miniatures and under the more recent Olszewski Studios are all retired and available only on the secondary market.




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