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The Reserve Collector Program is offered by Zadar Studios and Shoalts Collectibles to make collecting Zadar Miniautres simplified and easy for those collectors who find they just love this work and wish to collect many of the Zadar figurines.

A collector who wishes to become a Reserve Collector merely needs to request a Reserve Number and Shoalts Collectibles will assign you a number, check with you on your collecting preferences and customize a reserve program that fits your personal preferences, request your payment option. It is as simple as that. There is never a fee to join. Most collectors prefer the lowest Reserve Number available but you are most welcome to choose any open number; some collectors have chosen a birthdate, sport number, lucky number, etc. The reserve number you are assigned will become your collector number and that number will always be the serial number on the bottom of your pieces. For example, when we decided to become reserve collectors we were assigned #8 so every numbered piece in our collection carries the serial #8; for example 8/100. This means we have the #8 piece in a limited edition of 100 figurines.

Among the benefits of becoming a Zadar Reserve Collector:

- First to receive new pieces

- Always receive your pieces at issue price, never miss a piece and later have to find on the secondary market

- Every figurine in your collection will carry the same serial number – pretty unique!

- Rarely but it has happened on several occasions, Randall has had to stop production of a figurine due to unsolvable technical issues. He has ALWAYS made enough figurines so that all reserve collectors received their piece! In 2007 pieces were presented in prototype in bronze and classic white but never released in that variation; the reserves had the opportunity to add these rare prototypes to their collections!

- Perks – just maybe the best benefit of all for reserve collectors. From time to time the reserve collectors receive special perks for them only. For example in the past reserve collectors have received the Collectors Plate, a prototype of a new figurine, Ring of Mice, the Cockatoo in Classic White was offered for $25.00 for Reserve Collectors ONLY. In 2007 the reserves received Rosemont Roses II, a variation of Rosemont Roses made special just for reserve collectors. In 2008 Collector Plate II. In 2010 reserves were able to get the new release Hobo's Dinner which was made for reserve collectors only. Also in 2010 reserve collectors received a "Sitting Mouse" figurine made as a limited promotional piece.

- Makes collecting the most detailed, intricate, hand cast and painted miniature figurines in the world today so easy

Shoalts Collectibles will design a reserve program that fits your individual preferences. A Reserve Collector may choose to 1. collect all the Zadar figurines 2. collect only Fineline 3. collect only Storyline 4. or even choose to select each new piece individually. At Shoalts Collectibles you are NEVER obligated to purchase any figurine you do not care to add to your collection and if ever you receive a figurine that for whatever reason just is not one you wish to keep you may always return the piece. (It is very easy for us to make that guarantee as once a collector receives their pieces they are so impressed and amazed that no one ever asks to return a piece!) But the guarantee is always there ! We are always first and foremost here for you the collector – to enhance your joy in collecting and we will always strive to do that whether you are a reserve collector or a collector who buys each piece individually with or without reserve status!!

 At times there is some collector confusion in the difference between a serial number and the mold number. To avoid that confusion – the mold number is the number assigned to that individual carving. For example Cheese Factory or Bust is sculpture #82 (it is the 82nd piece Randall has carved) so EVERY piece in that limited edition will have #82 in its mold. The serial number (also your reserve number) is on the bottom of the figurine and is unique to that figurine only; 1/100 is the 1st. piece in an edition size of 100 pieces. Currently not all figurines have the mold number carved in the figurine due to technical issues; all figurines can be identified by their mold number, name and serial number being on the box and/or insert in the box and the complete listing or all pieces on the Zadar Studio web site.

Want to become a Reserve Collector? We would love to welcome you; please contact us!




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