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Randall ZadarRandall Zadar is the artist and sculptor creating and producing the wonderful miniature figurines of Zadar Studios. Randall was born in Cleveland, OH. He currently lives in Strongsville, OH with his wife, Stacy, and two children.

Randall has always been interested in art and creating since he was a boy. He would spend hours drawing and inventing making things such as a bionic arm. With no formal art training, the artist’s talent comes from his natural abilities and self training.

The road to Zadar Studios began in 1990 when Randall became restless with his career at that time, selling and repairing typewriters and computers. He began to think about things he could make and invented a mechanical wave motion sign. This led to making clocks with similar motion. Later he started making wood burned plaques featuring cars. One of the cars he made was a 1948 Tucker. Randall showed this plaque to his Uncle Jerome, who had been making jewelry as a hobby for twenty years. Uncle Jerome immediately suggested Randall try sculpting and casting the Tucker in silver using lost wax casting. And as they say “the rest is history”.

Randall ZadarRandall began his first sculpting on the Tucker in December of 1992. Little did he know at that time that this was the beginning of a new career. Randall struggled with this piece but through all the trials and errors of this piece as well as his first figurines the learning process, knowledge and skills gained would prove to be very valuable when he started Zadar Studios and began producing miniature figurines.

One day while at a local library he found the book Goebel Miniatures of Robert Olszewski by Dick Hunt. This inspired him to sculpt miniature figurines. He took some of his early carvings to a local Cleveland Miniature Show. He came home from this show very enthused and in earnest began sculpting and casting bronze miniature figurines. The first six figurines he produced were Sunday Drive, King of the Road, Spanish Dancer, On the River, High Society I and Toucan I. These first six figurines were released in 1994. Their edition sizes are very low and would be considered extremely rare today.

Randall ZadarZadar Studios celebrated its ten year anniversary in 2004, a significant milestone for Randall to have accomplished. The studio has undergone many changes over these ten years as the evolution of this artist and his work has grown. Over 100 sculptures have been carved and produced in hand cast, hand painted miniature figurines.

Randall continues to grow as an artist and is constantly challenging himself to do more intricate and detailed figurines. Many obstacles have to be overcome both in casting and painting but he never gives up and ultimately he will find a way to produce what he has created

The work of this artist is nothing short of phenomenal! He is the only artist in the world today creating and producing miniature figurines in this size with this detail and quality painting. Just when his collectors think he can’t possibly do anything better a new figurine will be released that is indeed unbelievable! So what will the next ten years bring to collectors? As wonderful as our collections are now perhaps, the best is yet to come!!

Randall was awarded Fellow status by the International Guild of Miniature Artisans in 1999. 2014 will mark the 20 year anniversary of the studio.

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