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Shoalts Collectibles Launches New Website To Highlight Museum Quality Bronze Miniatures 


Shoalts Collectibles celebrates the launch of their new website to feature the fascinating world of Lost Wax Cast Bronze Miniatures by Sculptor Randall Zadar. Co-founded by Marlene and Butch Shoalts, the site is a veritable go-to-spot for collectors fully engaged in their love of collecting fine bronze miniatures.  



CURTICE, OH (February 24, 2014) - Shoalts Collectibles announces the launch of their new website and with it an engaging way to collect the rarest of handmade bronze miniatures. Shoalts Collectibles is a market specialist for Zadar Miniatures from the acclaimed Artist and Sculptor Randall Zadar. Shoalts Collectibles offers their website visitors an opportunity to collect and enjoy the most detailed handmade miniature bronze figurines made today.  


Shoalts Collectibles uses a unique system of collecting called “The Reserve Collector Program.” The program is designed specifically to simplify the ongoing purchasing process of the Zadar figurines that have become so popular.  A collector need only choose collecting preferences, payment option, and request a reserve number to take sentimentality to a new level via the beloved miniature figurines. Shoalts Collectibles suggests new Reserve Collectors request the next lowest serial number available to personalize their collection. Once the Reserve Collector’s number is selected, it will become their number for their collection as long as they continue to collect. Pieces are automatically shipped when released from the studio so collectors never miss a piece and can watch their collection grow without worry of missing any pieces. 


Marlene Shoalts, Co-founder of Shoalts Collectibles said of the Reserve Collector perks, “Years ago we chose the number eight for all of our Zadar pieces.  Now every piece in our collection carries the serial number eight and stands for being eighth in the sequence of each limited edition.  It’s quite fun to see our number each time we receive a package.  It just adds to the enjoy ability of collecting. Now we’re very happy to be able to pass this perk and several others specialized pieces made only for Reserve Collectors.” 


The Shoalts Collectibles website offers not only a comprehensive way to order collectible miniature figurines and the display cases in which to hold them, it is a resource for upcoming shows as well as information regarding the process of casting and the sculptors as well. 


The Fine Art Bronze Figurines featured on the new website are created using the ancient Lost Wax Casting Method developed over two thousand years ago. Each figurine starts as a wax master and is then transformed into bronze through a process of burning out the wax and spinning in molten bronze. The process is extremely laborious and demanding down to the smallest detail.  


About Shoalts Collectibles: 


Marlene and Butch Shoalts founded Shoalts Collectibles out of their own expansive experience in collecting miniature bronze figurines. Since 1980 their love of the art form has allowed them to organize and chair collecting events such as the 1st National Olszewski Convention in Toledo and several CollectorFest events in Cleveland, Ohio.  


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