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Here is a list of our Olszewski Miniature Bronze Figurines. To order, click the Add to Cart Button. If you have any questions, please call us (419) 836-9227. We also accept credit cards over the phone.


$450.00. 600-P Capodimonte. This issue of Capodimonte with 1982 decal, the first piece in the Hisotircal Series. The miniature figurine is an intpretation of a Capodimonte procelain \"Rites of Spring\". This figurine features Cupid on top watching the lady being crowned with flowers. The figurine would be condsidered rare in this trademark
$200.00. 640-W Kuan Yin. This is the original release in the Oriental Series. Has a 1980 decal and the original base the figurine sits on. This is a copy of a beautiful porcelain purchased in Chinatown. Kuan Yin means "The Goddess of Mercy". A rare piece in this original issue year complete with base. 




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