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How Zadar Miniatures are Made using Lost Wax Casting

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Here is how they are made:

Zadar Bronze Miniatures

1. Starting with a special wax, the master design is sculpted. The sculpting time takes many hours to complete. Special tools are used to sculpt and hold the fragile wax. An amazing amount of detail can be achieved in the miniature wax sculpture which is under one inch in size.

Zadar Bronze Miniatures

2. A mold is made and additional was patterns are produced exactly like the master. The wax patterns are placed in a flask and then encased in a plaster type material called Investment. The flasks are slowly heated in an oven for 12 hours. The wax melts out and the flasks reach a maximum of 1350 degrees. This is called the 'burn out'.

Zadar Bronze Miniatures

3. The wax formed a perfect negative impression of the sculpture in the Investment material and then melted out. The cavity is now filled by heating bronze until molten with a torch and forced into the cavity with a centrifugal casting machine. The casting is quenched in water to cool. The new bronze casting is thoroughly cleaned.

Zadar Bronze Miniatures

4. The bronze figurine is now inspected and mold lines removed. Each figurine is then sandblasted and prepared for paint. A white base coat is carefully sprayed. Custom colors are selected for each piece and the painting procedure begins. After the piece is completely painted and dry, it is varnished, numbered, signed and boxed. The miniature figurine is now ready for the collector.




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