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Marlene & Butch ShoaltsMarlene and Butch Shoalts, owners of Shoalts Collectibles, have been collectors of miniature bronze figurines since beginning to collect the work of Robert Olszewski when he first joined Goebel Miniatures in 1980.

Collecting and promoting the work of Olszewski was our hobby bringing great enjoyment to us both through our figurine collection and also affording us the opportunity to make so many wonderful friends through collecting. Marlene organized and still coordinates a study group devoted to collecting, focusing on miniature figurines. She also has organized and chaired many collecting events. Among them was the 1st. National Olszewski Convention held in Toledo, OH in 1991 and several CollectorFest events held in Cleveland, OH for Zadar collectors.

The Shoalts' began collecting Zadar figurines early in Randall's career and often shared their enthusiasm and love of his work with other collectors. In 1999 Shoalts Collectibles was born when it seemed as association as a dealer for Randall would be a good match for both of us. Representing Zadar Studios has been great and a real enjoyment, especially for Marlene who handles the day to day management of the business.

If you are not already a Zadar collector we invite you to begin collecting the phenomenal work of this multi talented artist. We look forward to welcoming you!!

We also feature custom made display cases designed just for miniatures. As Shoalts Collectibles has grown we now also offer work of some other fine artists.

Shoalts Collectibles is devoted to serving our collectors. Our motto is:
"We are here for you the collector - to enhance your joy in collecting."

Please call on us for any collecting needs and/or questions.

Marlene and Butch Shoalts live in Curtice, OH (near Toledo, OH). Our family includes our daughter, son-in-law, and two absolutely wonderful grandsons.



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